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PASSI E TRAPASSI | Memory and death: I AM A TREE, a park project for memorial parks

I presented today the project, I AM A TREE in Belluno, as part of the cultural event on the themes of death and dying PASSI E TRAPASSI.

At the invitation of the Fondazione Architettura Belluno Dolomiti (Belluno Dolomites Architecture Foundation) and the Ordine Architetti Belluno (Belluno Order of Architects), we talked about I AM A TREE, the project for a memorial park, together with the Thanatologist Marina Sozzi.

The review, now in its sixth edition, through in-depth studies and reflections diversified in terms of looks and languages, aims to offer spaces for sharing and confrontation to give death back its lost word: hidden, silenced, removed from the margins of our daily life, death remains for everyone, together with birth, the only truly universal and inescapable experience.

Over the festival years, death has been observed and approached from specific angles, such as places, the fantastic, food, and art.

The 6th edition's theme is memory.

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