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"The desire to find solace in nature has led humans to elect trees 

as the symbol of relentless rebirth, a constant renewal of life''.

Simon Schama, Landscape and Memory 


Whether architecture has consistently recognized the man and his proportions as having the power to define space, cremation annuls this bond, offering an adequate response to environmental urgencies and those who no longer recognize themselves in the monumentalism of the past.

ARBORVITAE is a new place for our cities, an inclusive and sustainable space to give an alternative and ecological location to the conservation of funeral urns and the dispersion of ashes in nature, where you can choose the tree that best belongs to you and keep your pets close to you and next to your loved ones. 

A social space open to everyday use, conceived for citizens who are called to protect and respect it, where religious cults and secular spiritualities coexist in respect and communion in the memory of those who are no longer with us

The ARBORVITAE project was first publicly presented in Rome in 2014 at the International Festival of Creativity, Roma Design Lab. In 2016 at the House of Architecture in Rome and in 2017 in Belluno for the 6th edition of 'Passi e Trapassi,' Cultural Review on the themes of death and dying. In the same year it received the "Ecosistema Urbano Award" from Legambiente; in 2018 it was presented in Mantua at the First World Forum on Urban Forestation organized by Politecnico di Milano, SISEF and FAO; and in the same year, in synergy with Legambiente and GRAB (Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Bici), we presented the first master plan for the city of Rome. In 2020 we talked about it at the Festival of Green and Landscape. 
Over the years, the ARBORVITAE project has also been presented under the names of I AM A TREE and GRABTREE

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