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Consuelo Fabriani

Consuelo Fabriani

The atelier where the elegance of design blends with the perfection of nature

Classically trained landscape architect with a solid background in the world of contemporary art as a gallerist and curator of international exhibitions, Consuelo Fabriani founded the studio in 2011 in Rome, realizing projects where Art and Landscape merge in a single vision.

Consuelo's long experience in modern and contemporary art has sharpened her aesthetic sensibility and her understanding of the space, making each project a unique and site-specific work of art.

Our work stands as a synthesis between Humanity and Nature in the constant search for a balance between the natural and anthropic world in support of biodiversity.
In doing so, our projects and the spaces we create take on an aesthetic, social, and environmental value.

Passion for design, love for the landscape and attention to our customers' needs guide our work.

Our sensitive and original approach aims at the well-being of those who live in the designed space enjoying the shapes and colours nature offers along the seasons. 


We create gardens that can be experienced at any time of the year as a place of authentic well-being for the body and the soul.

Consuelo Fabriani

The garden is like a living work of art where shape, colour and light unveil along the seasons and in the magic of life that nature gives to that place.
Consuelo Fabriani
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