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GRAB-TREE | Legambiente presents the masterplan to the public

In collaboration with the GRAB project, Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Bici and Legambiente, I presented today, at the Libreria Touring in Rome, the project I AM A TREE as GRABTree: the memorial forest to give life to the unborn archaeological park and transform the abandoned space at the edge of the A24 motorway and railway.

New functions and urban regeneration on an area of 60 hectares in Rome.

It was an honour to participate in this vital regeneration programme for our city, a challenge towards a new vision of the urban system that redesigns the concept of mobility and opens up a new front on the way of living and using outdoor spaces.

I AM A TREE is an urban forestation project that calls into play the space dedicated to the cult of the dead, imagining, in a not-too-distant future, that each of us can visit those who have left us in a park instead of a cemetery. It is a project for every large city where the shortage of space, air quality, and the health of citizens, together with the spread of cremation, make it necessary to rethink the places of tradition through a new architectural and landscape language: in Rome, we have succeeded in combining the most beautiful cycle path in the world with an area of 60 hectares where urban gardens, orchards and vineyards coexist with an archaeological park and seven 'sacred woods'.



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