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ANSA Lifestyle | Life continues in a tree, the new Arborvitae cemetery

ANSA LifeStyle dedicates an excellent article to our Arborvitae project

(ANSA) -The cemetery of the third millennium will be a forest. Landscape architects Cloe Berni, Livia Ducoli, Consuelo Fabriani, and Maria Cristina Leonardi of A3Paesaggio, an all-female landscape architecture studio, launched the idea at La Conserva della Neve exhibition held in Rome. The project is called Arborvitae - From Funerary to Landscape Architecture, and is highly innovative in terms of both design and culture because it introduces a new culture of the cemetery and practices connected to death by envisaging, after the cremation, the burial of the ashes in a unique biodegradable urn at a tree's foot.

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