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ADN KRONOS | GrabTree, a green cemetery for Rome

Adn Kronos dedicates an excellent article to our I AM A TREE project, which sees the birth of the GRAB-TREE idea in collaboration with LEGAMBIENTE and GRAB.

A cemetery to resurrect a degraded area, not a traditional one made up of tombs, burial niches, and funeral buildings, but a forest of memory, an urban park with plants and trees to remember those no longer with us. A vital space where one can walk, cycle, cultivate urban gardens and orchards, eat or have a coffee, read, chat, do sports, or let the children play. It is the GRABtree project devised by Legambiente, A3Paesaggio, and GRAB+ the network of citizens and associations that designed and won funding from the Ministries of Transport and Culture for the construction of Rome's Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Bici, the Grab.



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